Robert Carrington - Composer

Sound Bytes

Here are excerpts from various pieces composed by Robert.  They give an indication of the broad range of his composition and style.  click on a quaver to hear the piece.

Medea - music for dance (1991- synthesizer recorded in France) excerpt 1.29

Culpeper’s Pavane for 5 viols (2000- live at the Brighton Festival) 3.57

Culpeper his Praeludium for 2 treble recorders, 2 viols and cello (2001- live at Brighton Festival Fringe) 3.00

Woman weeping for solo piano (2000) excerpt 1.35

Angels of Radiance - for solo mezzo soprano (2007- live at Guildford Cathedral) 3.01

 The Logos Fortified for 3 singers with body percussion, and 4 Sound Sculpture players (2008- live at the Redchurch Gallery, London) 3.25

I’m worried about Marcel for bass/baritone and 2 bass viols (2007- live at St Wulfram’s Church, Ovingdean, Sussex)

Work and Breathe - excerpt: July 2010, Sculpted Sound, Robert Carrington and Paul Neville

Ditchling Road - Soprano, mandolin, guitar and bass viol.  Live Brighton 2011

Mr Powys, His Delight - solo bass viol. Live, Brighton 2011*

Aunts and Uncles - Soprano, lute, 8ve mandolin, tenor and bass viols. Live Brighton 2011 *

Walking Music for John Cowper Powys - for 2 bass viols (portslade 2013)


Track 3: In Nomine no. 4 “I Took a Walk to Locks Hill” for 2 tenor recorders, bass recorder with recorded ambient sounds (live premiere St Nicolas, Portslade June 2013)

In Nomine no. 6 “For the Friends” for keyboard and recorded sculpted sound.

“Gowland’s Lotion” for soprano, treble, tenor and bass viols (live Brighton 2014)

“Ritual Muisc for David Jones” -   midi file

In Nomine No. 9 “The Bells of St Leonard” Lute, mandola, guitqar, tenor viol and bassviol.

In Nomine No. 10 “Plane Song” for pre-recorded souonds and ensemble.

"GREETINGS TO THE WINTER SOLSTICE" for 2 sopranos and alto

* Broadcast on Indonesian Radio July 2011

WORK AND BREATHE (excerpt: July 2010 played by Robert Carrington and Paul Neville).SculptedMusic03

This piece is played on bowed Sculpted Sound structures. It uses both the objects and the different materials from which they are suspended to create a piece where friction is all important. The title refers to the fact that these are activities for performers that mirror “work”. They use sawing and some hammering sounds. The piece was inspired by the Futurist Manifesto and commissioned by Derek Shiel, the creator of Sculpted Sound.

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