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RITUAL FOR DAVID JONES is conceived as a late night performance like a type of Compline in a bare, candlelit church. It is possible to project the inscriptions on to a white-washed wall. The audience will have the texts and translations in their programmes. Because of the nature of the inscriptions and their brevity, the idea grew to perform them from different parts of the performance space as a kind of musical graffiti wall where the music comes from different directions. It is in 4 movements: separated by a short pause. The duration is approximately 20 minutes.

View an excerpt from the score and hear a midi file here.

RITUAL FOR DAVID JONES is awaiting a performance and has a relevance to the ongoing commemoration of the 1st World War.

Other new completed works include QUATRE CALLIGRAMMES based on the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire. This is set in French and is scored for soprano and 3 viols. An instrumental work for Haruki Murakami “Mr Ushikawa: His Speculations” is scored for 2 bass viols and harpsichord.

2016 also sees the premiere of THREE ANAGRAMS FOR CHRISTOPHER TYE” for the Pastores Ensemble’s  WESTERN WYNDE tour.

MOTET: UBI CARITAS for soprano and ensemble (lute, mandola and viols)

For 2017, I was asked to write a celebratory piece for St Laurence’s Church, Falmer Village. I was asked to set the UBI CARITAS text. This would be for soprano and the Pastores Ensemble (our Early Music Ensemble). The result was a short Motet for voices and instruments. The opening motif lead to a setting of the Gloria of the Mass and subsequently a whole Mass grew out of the Motet and this single movement. The idea developed to create a PORTSLADE MASS for where I live near Brighton and to dedicate the movements to various individuals or groups that enrich our local life:

1. Kyrie (to Scottish John and his wife)
2. Gloria (to Girts and Helga Logins)  
3. Credo (to St Nicholas Church, Portslade Old Village) 
4. Sanctus and Benedictus (to Roberto Figueira of the MADEIRA CAFÉ)    
5. Agnus Dei (to the Purple People Kitchen Food Bank)
‘Disturb us Lord’ for 2 altos and mixed chamber ensemble. 1st performance: Convent of the Poor Clares, Arundel, December 2018.

Robert Carrington, Portslade 16tth December 2018


Mass Score 

3 BUDDHA PIECES with texts by Rilke for SATB CHOIR, 2 French Horns, tenor and bass trombone

Mass Score


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