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The In Nomine project.

The Pastores Ensemble have completed a project based on the In Nomine from the Benedictus of the “Gloria Tibi Trinitas” Mass by 16th century John Taverner. 
  Performance dates can be found under ‘Coming Events’ on the Pastores Ensemble site.

“Work and Breathe”, “Aunts and Uncles” and “Mr Powys his delight” were broadcast on Indonesian Arts Foundation Radio in July 2011.  (See Sound Bytes)

Ritual for David Jones

See ‘Work in Hand’ for information and a score sample of this new composition.

From Rock to Early Music:

Robert studied music at Goldsmiths College in London and has been interested in many different types of music: from that of John Cage, Alvin Lucier, Michael Nyman to Erik Satie.

IMG_1606_RC-gate-revThis interest in Experimental Music lead him to form a rock band to perform his own songs and compositions: "The Flying Testes Brothers" who enjoyed a brief period of notoriety in London in the 1980’s. 

Robert has also been involved with Experimental Theatre and Performance Artists.  In the late 1980’s he became interested in Early Music and its connections with the Experimental Music tradition, forming "The Dunstable Doysters" who performed music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and original compositions in Churches and Cathedrals.

Moving to Brighton, a new ensemble emerged "The Pastores Ensemble" which, with a changing line-up has continued to perform Early Music including Robert’s original compositions.

Together with these performing activities, Robert taught for over 30 years and now divides his time between lecturing to Adults, performing and composing.  Recent work has involved collaborating with a puppeteer and performances with Sculpted Sound in Guildford Cathedral and Redchurch Gallery, London. 

Hopes and Aspirations

Over the next few years I intend to continue composing and linking with different art forms: dance, theatre, film, and extend my passion for “words and music”.  The opportunity to work on Lorca and Rilke texts is a great ambition (some settings are already gathering dust in my archives!).  With a wide range of musical tastes (from Early Music to Cage and Johnny Cash), lurking in my mind are a whole variety of idioms that I can call on when something inspires me (consciously or otherwise). I don’t like obvious pastiche, but sometimes it comes out like that. I look forward to any commissions out there in cyberspace!viols James

One thing I particularly want to do is to write for orchestral and mainstream instruments. I love playing viols and writing for them, but to write for something different would be great and help me to be heard more widely. Having said that, a Music Theatre piece for voices and viols is an idea I’d like to pursue (as well as using viols in Rock Music with Scott Walker or Robert Wyatt).

Most composers eventually would like to write a full-scale opera and so would I. It would bring all my different interests in the Arts together.


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